Thoughts of an Introverted Virgo

Sun drops

the fog moving in over Birmingham, Al from my balcony I sink deeper into my thoughts.   Following the white rabbit down the rabbit hole and watching as he cleans up and prepares dinner for his family of six. As the sun kisses the stars and the moon becomes jealous of the relationship between the… Continue reading Sun drops

My Reading List

What I’ve read so far-January 2019

I am so grateful to be headed into another year of reading.  Last year I didn’t meet my reading goal, but I did read some very good books.  So not being able to meet the reading goal wasn't that big of a deal. This year I want to retackle my goal of reading more books… Continue reading What I’ve read so far-January 2019

Spiritual Writing

Standing by the Ocean

It is impossible to stand by the ocean and not be humbled. The realization that the world doesn’t revolve around you is reassuring. The Ocean is a reminder that sometimes things happen, not because of anything you’ve done. Just simply because things happen. Isn’t that pleasant to now. That you didn’t cause that bad thing… Continue reading Standing by the Ocean