Stepping out of my comfort zone

For the last 12 years I have slowly been making my way around the 50 states.  I have visited a majority of the 48 continental states, but in my travels I have always failed to fully enjoy what each location I visited had to offer. I do most of my travels through my job and when I travel I generally go from the hotel to the work site and back to the hotel. I needed a change. 

This past trip, before arriving at my destination I told myself that I would visit at least one top site. It was different for me, especially since I went out alone into an unknown city. I can honestly say that I really enjoyed myself though.  I ended up going to a different store or restaurant every night. I am  looking forward to my next all expenses paid vacation 😊. I’ve already started getting my top sites to visit list together. 

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  1. You should definitely do that!! You will learn so much about you that you didn’t even realize. I do it when I don’t even travel. When I have time, I just go to a restaurant that I haven’t been to or maybe somewhere new to me in Houston. It not only helps you mentally, it helps you become more creative. Go explore my sister!!

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