So, what had happened was….it was a Monday morning, I think. One of my co-workers asked the dreaded question “What’s for lunch?”, the reply he received was “I’ll pass on lunch, I stopped eating meat.”.

Come on, who willingly stops eating meat? The person who gave that response was definitely not me of course. I had been Paleo for almost 14 months, why would I give up meat!! Meat is my protein. Steak is my comfort food. I grew up in North Carolina. I love pork!!


Barely a week later, I was on the meatless band wagon.

So why the decision to give up something that I grew up eating and had no desire, less than a week prior to give up. Well if you haven’t heard there is a documentary on Netflix called “What the Health”. It outlines why meat is bad for you, etc.

I for one love documentaries, I have watched three of them in my life (sarcasm). But, at the urging of the aforementioned co-worker I watched the documentary. I was MINDBLOWN!!!

Now, I am not one for remembering all the important things that doctors talk about, so if you’re interested in the documentary check it out for yourself. I am only here to tell you why I gave up meat.

So, what got me wasn’t how they housed the animals nor was it the drugs that they feed the animals. I mean I love animals, my best friend is a Cat. As, I stated earlier though, I grew up in North Carolina. Raeford, NC to be exact, Home of the North Carolina Turkey Festival. I had a turkey hatchery in my town and we lived up the road from a pig farm. I already know how badly these animals are treated, and I know they pump them full of drugs to make them reproduce faster. I have tried one diet over my 32 years of life, Paleo, so I also knew that food played a major role in long term health. Give me credit for my one diet, Paleo is hard.

What did make me decide to give up meat was the fact that the chemicals and waste from the factories is what may have caused most of my classmates to grow up with asthma. It could also be the reason behind the mysterious lung disease a few of my family members have. I couldn’t believe that the answer to a lot of the health issues in my own community was the same source that provided so many jobs to my community. I mean how do you solve a problem, that through solving it causes so many other problems? I don’t know. For me though, I refuse to add to the problem. So I gave up meat. It may not be a huge difference maker, but until I can think of something better, it is a step in the right direction.

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