So have you ever had a friend that was so free spirited and calm that nothing bothered them.

Squirrels could be crawling through the ceilings and raccoons could be clawing at your front door, and this friend would be like just chill, relax, is it time to eat? Well, that friend is my cat Ferrell. Ferrell is a nine year old rescue, she is lazy, finicky and she lives to cuddle, but only after my bedtime of course.

The only time I see her rattled is when there is a thunderstorm and she has nowhere to crawl under. It’s at those times that she claws a hole through my leg. The squirrel and raccoon thing, unfortunately I didn’t make that up. Don’t ask, just know I very much dislike my landlord. Ferrell would literally just roll her eyes at the noises as if to say “at least they aren’t in the house”. I on the other hand would be banging the walls with whatever I could find.

Ferrell is my spirit animal. I wish to embody her peace and calm during my stressful situations. Sometimes I literally just watch her and try to match my breathing to hers. Just in an attempt to calm my own anxieties. It may sound weird, but I see mothers doing this a lot with their sleeping babies. I think it’s an instinct that has been embedded in us to find the calmest living thing near us and to pull from its energy. That’s why we sometimes feel more fulfilled through pray and worship in groups.

I hope to one day be as calm as Ferrell, but until then, I’ll just keep breathing right along with her.

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