Steroid Shots Hurt

A little sting she said. If she did it fast the pain wouldn't linger. Two lies that my nurse told me as she gave me the much needed steroid shot. Don't get me wrong, I am not mad at her. After receiving the dreaded shot (well a few hours later) my ear infection cleared up, my sinuses stopped hurting and I felt a whole lot better.

The shot did give me the opportunity to reflect over the hundred other situations I have been in throughout my life that hurt like hell at the time, but that over time living, enduring and growing through the pain actually made me better. Now, I didn't always feel the best after those "shots" but through growth and the realizations of what I was doing wrong, I learned so much, which in turn made me a better person.

The breakups (I mean I am a woman who has had 2 or 3 bad relationships), changes of location (I have moved cross regions twice), the losing of close friends, they all hurt just like the "steroid shot", but I had to go through that pain in order to feel the relief that came after the medicine did its job, so I had to live through those situations in order to have an understanding of why I even had to go through those situations. Thats a mouth feel I know, but believe me it took a long time for me to understand this as well.

The lies that were told to me to soften the blows never made the strike any easier to take, the cooing and its going to be ok, didn't dull the pain. The after shock of the sting always left me feeling betrayed and hurt. So, why did it take so many "shots" or situations that left me feeling hurt, betrayed and unloved, before I realized that I wasn't taken the correct medication. Somewhere in my lifetime, I had picked up the wrong prescription. Me and all of my youth intelligence, I just kept taking and retaking and retaking the exact same shot that was making me ill. I mean it only took one steroid injection to ease my sinuses, why did it take so many bad situations before I realized I needed to try something else?

I baffle even myself.

I know better now though.

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  1. We all go through it. It’s how we grow. I think if we never go through anything, then how will we even know how strong we are or what we’re capable of handling. I think we also go through things to be a testimony and a help to others. I don’t know lol!


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