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I switched to Decaf

So throughout this year I've been making small changes to improve on myself. Some of these changes were drastic and required great discipline, some of them were minute and just required a small change in my daily lifestyle.

A recent change that I made was switching to decaffeinated coffee.

I have been a coffee drinker since 2012. I started drinking coffee to help combat the time and climate change after my move from Texas to Delaware. Since my move to Alabama, I noticed that coffee was no longer a nice to have but a necessity to wake up and stay up every morning. I was addicted. The thought of going a morning without coffee would immediately give me caffeine headaches. I became snappy to coworkers if I didn't have enough caffeine and I began to dislike the non-caffeinated Tonia. To add to my change of mood, I also realized that I needed more coffee to function. I was up to 4 cups a day on average 😳. That's a lot of coffee. It began to affect my sleep and I found that it became harder for me to go to sleep and stay asleep.

I hate having vices so as soon as I realized what was happening I decided to go cold turkey.

Of course, this is not my first attempt at quitting the caffeine. After my THIRD attempt to stop I would say I'm somewhat successful. I started this time over a long vacation weekend. I was able to sleep in and could take naps during the day if need be. I was with family so they were more understanding of my snappy attitude.

Once I went back to work I started drinking decaf coffee. I did discover that although it states decaf that it does have small amounts of caffeine. Thank You to the creator of decaf!! I still get a mild buzz, but it isn't enough to make me jittery or keep me up at night staring at the ceiling. I don't have headaches like when I first quit and I'm a little happier since I have kicked that addiction. This goes to show that anything is possible you just have to find the way that works for you.

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