I can’t make this up

So I came home from work a few Mondays ago, and following my normal routine, I fed Ferrell and took my boots off. I sat on the couch and called my Mom. My Mom and I talked for a few minutes then I got off the phone and walked into the kitchen to take something down to cook. I placed a frozen salmon in the sink to thaw, and went into the bathroom to oil and redo my hair for work the next day. I come out of the bathroom and Ferrell is losing her mind. She starts doing this irritating meow that she does whenever she wants my attention. I of course, thinking only of food, ignored her. Something caught my attention in the corner of my eye, and I turn around to see a massive hole in my kitchen wall. I freaked, thinking of all of the scratching and loud noises I had been hearing in previous weeks, I slid on my slippers and ran out of the apartment. I grabbed my cell phone, while on the way out the door, and while running upstairs to my neighbors apartment I called my property manager. Less than a week later I was living with my oldest brother in his home.

That apartment, was possibly the apartment of my dreams. I had a wall of windows in the living room, which allowed my plants to grow beautifully. The windows faced out into my backyard and I had a beautiful view of nature. The apartment was small, but it was big enough for me and Ferrell to be comfortable. I had less than a five minute commute to work. I was centrally located in downtown Birmingham. Moving out of the apartment, was very heartbreaking for me. Other than the rodents in the walls I can’t think of any other complaints I had about the apartment. The adjusting period from living on my own, to moving in with my oldest brother was difficult also. My brother is awesome and I am forever grateful for him and for everything he has done for me. But, I have not shared a space with someone in over a year. I haven’t shared a space with a family member in over five years. The adjustment has been hard, but the peace of mind that I have now in knowing that my living space won’t be over ran with rodents is worth it.

As with everything, I have to reflect back on the apartment, using it as a life lesson. Whenever I am in a situation where everything seems perfect, but I don’t have peace for whatever reason, is it better for me to suffer with the discomfort that comes with growth? Or stay in the situation and risk being eaten alive by rodents?

In life we are often faced with hard decisions where we don’t know if it’s better to stay and put up with the tiny annoyances for a little slice of happiness, or leave and be uncomfortable to have that peace that comes with true happiness. The temporary sadness doesn’t outweigh the happiness that comes with knowing you did what was best for you.

Knowing that I did what was best for me.

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