What to Eat?

Y’all, I am failing at my diet. I have been a self proclaimed pescatarian since mid July. Since then, I have refrained from eating meat, BUT I have fell back into the bad eating habits. You know snacking on unhealthy items, going hours without eating, going days without eating a fresh fruit or fresh vegetable. I can’t remember the last time I have cooked and I spend so much on eating out, because it’s easier. I know that is a cope out. I did Paleo for a year and had no issues with watching what I eat, but because the Pesca diet isn’t as strict, I find myself becoming too relaxed when it comes to eating.

So my fix it plan for this dilemma, is to hit up Pinterest. Find some recipes and lunch plans. Buy some fruit to have in my office at work (I love those dried fruits and they sell them at the Dollar Store). Stop buying sweets! M&Ms are the devil. Cut back on processed foods, AGAIN. Stick to fruits, vegetables and fish, only eating pasta, wheat, etc in moderation.
I have literally eaten noodles for the last week every single day. The Asian Restaurant in town loves me and I love them too.

I am upset with myself for allowing my diet to get out of hand, but I have to applaud myself for recognizing what I was doing, and correcting it before it got to far out of hand. I will be more focused and will use this blog as a means to track my progress.

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  1. Try meal prepping. They’re great videos on YouTube and great meal recipes are also on Pinterest…. that will help a lot, even prepping your snacks, will help keep you on track and more focused and less likely to venture off.

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    1. I will definitely give it a try. I have seen meal prepping videos and boards on Pinterest, but I’ve never had issues with eating healthy before. I’m thinking now it’s because of everything else that’s happening. Moving and other life changes. Snacking has become a huge issue.


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