So recently I have learned to appreciate a good television show. It helps me relax after a long day and allows me to not think about anything. Being an avid reader, I rarely watch television but when I find a good tv show I binge on it.

A few tv shows that I have grown to love include:

1. Game of Thrones-a mixture of fantasy, romance, and just good ole drama. I love how they can take a great book series and turn it into an awesome tv show. I unfortunately didn’t read the books, but if the tv show is a representation I definitely need to start on them immediately. Of course, I can never properly summarize Game of Thrones just know that WINTER IS HERE PEOPLE!!!

2. Friends-Why because Chandler and Monica are just the cutest couple ever and also because I have a deep loathe for Rachel and how she treats Ross. I do love how this group of friends can laugh about life and they have helped cheer me up more times than I can count.

3. Being Mary Jane-I actually started watching this series a few years ago and due to moving and life, I had to postpone watching it. I was finally able to catch up this last month. I am still so in love with this show. I have to stop myself from screaming at the tv whenever I see her making a dumb mistake.

4. The Originals-I was a fan of Vampire Diaries and when I finished it I began watching the Originals. Just like with Being Mary Jane the move and life lead me to postpone my viewing of this show. As soon as I needed a distraction I immediately started back watching the Originals. It has been harder for me to get back into, but so far so good.

5. INSECURE!! I may have saved the best for last. OMG y’all this show gives me life. Seeing ME and every thing that I am going through being played out on tv. LOL, I know it isn’t me on the screen but I so want to be Issa Rae. She has the bomb life and I love her shows, books and youtube channel. If you haven’t checked out any of her other shows please do you will not be disappointed.

Ok, so this is what has been distracting me from reality recently. I haven’t felt much like reading lately, and until I can find a book that I can get lost in I will be sticking to the television for a while.

Let me know what you are watching or reading in the comments below.

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