She will travel.

As I write this from my hotel room in Tifton, GA, I am once again humbled at all of the places I have been blessed to visit.

I also wanted to share 6 tips on how I maximize my travel opportunities.

I am military and I travel often with my work. I am not always able to get out and site see, but when the opportunity arises I take advantage of it.

1. Appreciate where you are. I don’t always travel to the most popular areas, but when I do travel I truly appreciate where I am. I always research the area to see the top attractions. Some areas may not have attractions, and that’s ok. This may be an opportunity for you to find a park, grab a book and just relax. When I travel to areas where I may not be able to get out and sight see, I always bring my Kindle to help pass the time. Running, or walking, during sun rises and sunsets also helps you appreciate where you are. Believe me, being able to watch the sunrise and set in different places is more breath taking each time.

2. Use coupons or Groupon. When I travel I do tend to eat out more. I have an allowance for food, but eating out can get really expensive. Especially if it’s a group dinner. Always check Groupon for meal deals and before going to a restaurant do a Google search for coupons or any specials they may have. Always ask the waitress for the specials for the night. You can also use Groupon and coupons for discounts on local attractions.  Use this link to sign up for Groupon

3. Pack light. If I am going to a training event, I really can’t help what I have to pack. If I am going to a conference, I always pack light. My goal is to only have a carry on. I picked up this tip, when I realized how much time I was wasting in the hotel trying to find something to wear. I got tired of spending my entire trip getting dressed. Now I pack a few outfits that are interchangeable, and have more time to sight see. For toiletry items, I use travel sizes and take advantage of the freebies the hotel has.

4. Drink a lot of water. I can’t say this enough. When you travel drinking water is a must. After traveling all day, you will feel tired. Drink water to help you feel more hydrated and energized. There are so many more benefits to drinking water so just drink it.

5. Leave the heels at home. I used to love heels, they would really make your outfit. Honestly though, how often will you wear them if you are doing a lot of walking? Unless you have a special event that calls for them, I say switch them out for comfortable wedges. This will also allow you to save space in your luggage.

6. Invest in suitcases. If you travel a lot don’t skimp on a cheap suitcase. Yes, there is a such thing. The worst experience I have ever had was arriving at my travel location and receiving my suitcase with a busted zipper. Worst part, I still had to find out how to get my belongings back home. I couldn’t bring everything on the flight. I ended up purchasing a more durable suitcase and it still travels with me to this day. If you have time order a suitcase online using Ebates and receive cash back. Use this link to join Ebates now!

Hope these tips help you out on your next traveling adventure. My next great adventure will be heading back to Alabama.  I drove here so I plan to stop on the way home to check out a few sites. Travel Safe!

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