The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

If you haven’t read this series I suggest you do regardless of my review.


My Review: If you are into Disney Princesses, Cyborgs, Mutant Wolves, Crazy Queens, Crazy Princesses, Galactic Wars etc. you must read this series. If you aren’t into all those things still read this series. Seriously, I didn’t even know how much I would love this until I finished book one and immediately went out to buy book two. This series really does grab a hold of you.

It was really hard for me to pick a favorite character in this series which I think speaks volumes. I feel in love with so many characters, yes even Levana at times. If I had to absolutely pick a favorite though it would be between Captain Thorne and Iko. They brought that necessary humor during those times you wanted to cry and/or throw the book, or kindle.

I fell madly in love with Cress also. Cress to me is the beautiful nervous friend you have. The one that doesn’t know everyone is in love with her. Yes, the awesome one. On top of that she is a freaking computer genius. A beautiful nerd!

I can tell you how much I love each character from Winter and her weirdness, Cinder and her insecurities, Scarlet and her passion, Kai and his unknowingness and my dear sweet loyal Wolf, but I don’t want this review to be long.

Really quick though. I loved Levana, yes the villain. This was a love hate relationship between her and I. I felt pity for her for what her sister did to her and I wanted to give her a hug. I cried for her when she murdered her husband. I believed she really did love him, she just never knew what love was. She died never knowing what real love was. “Insert tears”. How could you not fall in love with her? I mean yes she did try to kill Cinder and did successfully kill a bunch of other people, but ultimately she just wanted to be loved.

READ THIS SERIES! I loved it and I highly recommend it to everyone.

This is the order I read the series in:

Cinder Book 1
Scarlet Book 2
Cress Book 3
The Fairest Book Prequel
Winter Book 4 (Kindle Edition)

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