Dance, because no one can see you.  Sing out loud, because no one can hear you.

Turn the music all the way up, turn the lights completely off, and just move!

Tonight I had quite possibly the most freeing experience I have ever had, a SOL Dance experience.  If you aren’t familiar with this type of dance, it’s where you are completely in the dark with the music turned on full blast and you just dance.  Boy, did I dance.  I was five again in my sister and I’s shared bedroom, dancing like two children without a bill in the world.

I learned about the SOL dance experience through Meetup.  If you haven’t heard of Meetup it’s a site where you go to meet up with people who have like interest.  When I saw the SOL group I wasn’t immediately sold on the idea.  Who would feel comfortable in a dark room with strangers? I decided to give it a try. I mean this is the year of growth for me and I need to try different things.  So I RSVP’d, the host emailed me almost immediately letting me know what to expect and to see if I had any questions.

As the day for the SOL experience approached I wasn’t nervous or doubtful, I was actually super excited. This morning I woke up and picked out something comfortable to wear and prepared myself to let go of my inhibitions. The time of the experience was 7:45 pm, I left home on time and arrived 10 minutes early.  The host was super nice and so were the other ladies. This was a women’s only experience, which helped me feel more comfortable. When they closed the doors, they prepped us on what would happen when the lights went off, and they also covered safety measures.  We had emergency flashlights on our arms in case we needed them.  There were small glow in the dark circles on the floor so we wouldn’t bump into each other.

WHEN THE LIGHTS WENT OFF, at first I was nervous, what if they could see me or my shadow.  I didn’t want to make a fool of myself.  So, I waited through half the first song to see if my eyes would adjust to the darkness, then I just couldn’t hold it in anymore I had to dance.  For a complete hour, I let my body move in which ever way it wanted to. I sang a long to the songs I knew, and even some I didn’t know, I shouted when I felt like it, I danced with no rhythm and just let my body move.  It was so freeing. I forgot all about stress and all that other stuff that seemed so important when the lights were on.  I just moved and danced and sang.  The music was turned up and so was I.

I will be back for the next SOL experience, and I highly recommend if its in your city that you check it out also.  Believe me you will enjoy yourself.


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