I pushed myself over the fall

A few months ago I went to water country USA. I had been a few times in the past, so I already knew what to expect. A day full of water, sun and sunblock with two of my favorite people.

There is a ride in the middle of the park that is a straight drop down. Previously when I came to the park I would always stand at the bottom of the slide and wave at my brave friends who took the plummet. Of course, I am not yet brave enough to stand on a plank that drops from beneath my feet and plummets me to my death.  This time though I was willing to take the lesser drop.


So you lay down with your hands crossed over your heart and feet crossed at your ankles.  On the command “GO” you push yourself over and commence to fall 75 feet into a very tiny pool of water.  I didn’t think I would ever purposely push myself off a drop that high, but when he said go I scooted forward, closed my eyes, shut my mouth and fell.  I never opened my eyes and I didn’t take a single breath during the drop.  So of course when I hit the water my body decided to breath and I inhaled a mouth full of water. LOL.  Of course I didn’t die though, just gagged on a bunch of water.

I definitely decide to one day take the big drop, not really sure when.  When I do though I do plan to take a deep breath before I hit the water.

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