Sometimes you have to move

I moved in with my brother back in August and was very happy staying there with him. I felt safe and it was a home, not just a house. I could have lived with home forever and that’s me being honest. I was content. Unexpectedly, to no fault of his or mine, I had to move. My brother was awesome, there with me as we drove around for hours from complex to complex. Looking for somewhere that would offer me everything I was looking for in a home. I remember when I had found the perfect apartment. My brother said “Tonia I really like this one”. After that no other apartment compared.

I picked up the keys to my new one bedroom apartment today!

I reflect over why I had to move so soon after settling into my brothers. Why couldn’t I have just stayed there? What was it that had me moving again? All the earthly and obvious answers where eliminated and I realized that ultimately his home wasn’t my home. Not that he hadn’t welcomed me that’s not what I mean.

I believe that we all have to get to a place that allows us to continue to grow in different aspects of our lives. If I would have stayed at my brothers my progress towards reaching my goals would have been delayed. Not by my brothers doing, but because I would have became to comfortable and unfocused.

My brothers home was a safety net. The reason behind me moving was one that I couldn’t have ignored if I tried. I believe that when God wants you to move he will send you a sign that you can’t ignore. Nothing subtle or expected. I know God has a huge plan for me and now that I’m finally moving in the right direction God is refusing to allow me to become complacent in reaching my purpose. Even if it has required me to move 3 times in the last 11 months. 🙂

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