Spiritual Writing

Gracefully Broken

Have you heard this song?

Gracefully Broken by Tasha Cobbs Leonard

I was listening to a Youtube playlist and this happened to play.  I had to hit repeat more than once, just to allow the words to penetrate my soul.

This song sums up my life right now at this moment.

“…Arms wide open, pouring out my life, gracefully broken…”

I had been broken, sometimes it felt like into a billion pieces. I had fallen.  I smashed onto the concrete and lay there.  At the time I couldn’t have told you why I had fallen or why I couldn’t get up and put myself back together.  I now know that God pushed me off the pedestal that I thought I was on.  That may sound mean, but I wasn’t walking in his purpose for my life and he wanted to get my attention.  He redirected me if that sounds better.  When I landed there on that hard concrete, God found me right where I was laying.  He pieced me back together.  He didn’t ask my permission he just saw I needed him, he felt my hurt and he put me back together.  Now I am here for him to fill me up with his purpose.

I had to be Gracefully Broken in order for God to fix me.



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