I can’t sleep

I keep hearing noises, squeaks and creaks and footsteps on the cement outside.

In the silence of my mind.

I hear everything, even those noises that are faint to my ears, they echo in my head.

Whispers of lovers, babies crying from their mothers wounds.

The silence is frightening.

The stars flicker, my heart skips, goose bumps on my skin.

Nightmares come to life in my mind.

Tightly, I squeeze my eyes, trying to blind my thoughts.

Fear embodies me.  Silence entraps me.

I hear silence.  So much silence.

The wind whistles through the trees, speaking in a voice so soft that it hurts my ears.

I need something, anything, to break the silence.

Listening to the sun creep around the earth, my body shutters, the noise is unbearable.

Like deaths moan in a tortured soul.

I drift off to sleep, just as the noise of the alarm beeps, waking me from my slumber.

Published by BrwnSknSwty

Mrs. Nettles/Published Author/🐱🐱🦜mom/☕️❤️/🪴❤️/Army Soldier/✝️/OES/♍️/ :::Life Quote:::Traveling through words on a road called life, reading the map backwards, and still finding my purpose :::Author of::: “Ten Years And Nothing” :::Website::: :::Follow Me::: Instagram and Twitter @brwnsknswty :::Join Me:::Facebook Group BrwnSknSwty :::LinkedIn::: :::Cashapp::: $LatoniaNettles

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