“Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection”-Kim Collins

Am I too hard on myself?

I just realized that I have been writing and re-writing the same blog post for over two months. After all this time, I still feel like it isn’t good enough to post.

This isn’t that post of course.

There isn’t anything wrong with the post I have been editing for months. I mean other than the words just don’t flow the way I want them to, a few sentences seem out of place and no matter how much I rearrange and delete, I just can’t get it to sound like it sounds in my head, other than that the post is fine. However, I just can’t hit the post button without one more look at it.

I feel like the post could be a representation of myself. Every second of each day I am critical of myself. Editing some part of myself. Listening to my own words, paying attention to my actions and wondering if I could have said or done certain things better. Adding and deleting things in my own life that will make me a better me. I’m not striving for perfection simply for a better version of myself.

I don’t want that post to be perfect I just want it to be better.

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