2017 Book Recap

I have read so many inspirational books this year.  My year of being intentional afforded me the opportunity to pick up and read a number of books that I would never have chosen to read before 2017.

The inspiration that comes from reading a well written book will stick with me for years to come.

I have listed only a few of the books that inspired me this year.  Along with a short review.

  1. Write it down, make it happen-Henriette Anne Klauser

This book was phenomenal and has had an huge impact on how I look at setting goals.  Mrs. Klauser uses the writing method of encouraging yourself to do something.  So you have a goal, you write it down and you take steps to work towards that goal.  Of course, this is just my summarized version of the book and I can not tell you how POWERFUL this book is.  It is definitely, definitely a book that you need to pick up and read.

  1. The solitude of prime numbers-Paolo Giorano

I cried when I read this book.  It is very rare that a book will leave me so emotionally vulnerable after reading it.  This book did that for me.  Paolo has a way of taking something that is supposed to be sad and not what you would like to happen and making that a happy ending.  We all want smiles and laughter at the end of a good book, we want the HERO to win.  Sometimes winning isn’t what we think it is though.  Sometimes when we lose we actually win.  This book is magnificently written and I gave it to a friend to read and they loved it as well.

  1. The yellow crocus-Laila Ibrahim

This book was recommended to me, and at first I was like “Naw, I’m good”.  I decided to read this for my first book club meeting.  Lets just say it is truly an eye opener.  It shows how powerful love is.  How loving something or someone is a form of freedom.  How through love we see the world in a completely different light.  I can not thank the person who recommended this book to me enough.

  1. Adultery-Paulo Coelho

I am a huge Paulo Coelho fan and I have read a few of his books.  I started out with The Alchemist.  I was recommended Adultery by another good friend of mine.  The cover was a little misleading.  The book is actually more of how we can want something that we don’t need, but by getting that it shows us how much we need something else even more.  If you have never read a Paulo Coelho book pick up one, you will never be disappointed.

  1. The thorn birds-Colleen McCullough

I kept hearing about this book and I guess I should have read it in High School, like every other book reader did.  Somewhere along the way I missed it though.  I am glad I waited to read it.  I think this year was the year of me having a better understanding of what the book was about.  If you have not read this book, just read it.  It has gotten some awesome reviews and they are all true.  I love this book, so many life lessons.  I will probably buy a copy for every member of my family.

  1. The man who watched the world end-Chris Dietzel

This book was by far the most poorly written book I have ever read all the way through.  I couldn’t put it down though.  I read it in one night.  It grabbed me and I had to know what happened.  It doesn’t end well.  It does end beautifully though.  If you are a reader who loves to get lost in a book, even if it is poorly written, this is an amazing book.  I certainly look at family and friends differently.

  1. The natural way of things-Charlotte Wood

Amazing.  I loved this book, because it shows how society looks at women and their sexuality compared to how men are viewed.  It is sad that even today women are expected to behave and act a certain way.  While men are relinquished of any responsibility for how they behave.  Boys will be boys.  I am so glad I read this book during my year of abstinence.  It opened my eyes and allowed me to not feel ashamed or guilty for how I may or may not have behaved in the past.  This book really deserves its on post.  I should have reviewed it after I read it and I had every intention to, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.  READ this book.  It is so deep and well written.  You will get something from it.

I read a number of other books throughout 2017,  and they in their own way had an impact on me.

Looking forward to all the great books I will read in the New Year!!!

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