“No matter how long you have traveled in the wrong direction, you always have the choice to turn around”-Anonymous

I forgot where I was going.

So I decided to drive to Target a few days ago in order to pick up some last minute Christmas items. As usual I had the radio on and I was just driving and jamming. Before I knew it I had forgotten where I was headed to. I caught myself when I pulled into the CVS parking lot. I couldn’t believe I had gone in the opposite direction of Target. I laughed at myself. Made a u-turn at CVS and headed towards Target.

Isn’t it funny how things happen in life to reassure you life isn’t as hard as we make it.

I think back over several times this year where I found myself headed in the wrong direction. After a mini anxiety attack, I would always successfully get back on track. This time though, there was no anxiety, I didn’t even think twice about it. I just made a u-turn and went the other way.

I love it when I can notice my own growth. I didn’t panic or belittle myself, I just turned around and went in the right direction.

That’s what mistakes are about, noticing them and learning from them. That way when we do make the same mistake again, we will know exactly how to correct ourselves.

Of course, this also goes to show that I really need to pay more attention. That’s a different lesson that I’m still learning though.

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