Aniyah’s Drawing Pt. 1

For Aniyah pt. 1


So my niece is an artist. She is quite possibly one of the greatest artist I’ve ever know. Her drawings really come to life right off the page. This isn’t an exaggeration either. I have been known to exaggerate, but unfortunately, everything I’m about to tell you is the absolute truth. No exaggeration. Believe me this really happened.


Her drawings actually walked off the paper one night. I can’t explain this and I don’t know how it happened, but it really happened.


It was right after Christmas, December 29, 2017. We were at my sisters home in Beaumont, TX. Aniyah, Lisa and I were in the playroom. I was updating a blog post and Aniyah was drawing. Lisa was doodling and playing with her Rubik’s Cube. My sister was in the kitchen, maybe baking cookies. I never did find out what she was cooking. That’s not important right now though. Brian, my brother in law was watching a football game, and their two youngest kids were already in bed sleeping.


We had been drawing and writing for about an hour when Aniyah asked me if I wanted to see her drawing, and me being the awesome Aunt I am, I said yes. When she showed me it made my skin crawl. She had drawn a door half cracked open with a face peering through it. It creeped me out. I had never seen a drawing with eyes so intense. I asked her why she choose to draw something so intense, her reply “I wanted to draw something scary”. I replied, “Oh, Ok, it looks good”.


Later on that night, when we were all asleep and the lights throughout the house were off…


I was asleep in the guest room when I woke up suddenly. I checked my cell phone. It was 3:25 am. I suddenly had the strangest sensation that someone was walking around in the room I was sleeping in. I took my cell phone and shone the flashlight around. I didn’t see anyone.


The closet door was half open and Aniyah’s drawing was laying in front of it. That was weird. Aniyah hadn’t been in the guest room and I went to sleep long after her. How did her drawing get ripped out of her book and left on the guest room floor?


“I have to use the restroom.” I thought out loud.


I always hate walking around in a home that isn’t mine at night, but I couldn’t hold it. I grabbed my cell phone to use as a light and stood up off the bed. As soon as my foot hit the floor I heard a shuffle of paper. I shined the flashlight towards the closet door and with my own two eyes I saw Aniyah’s drawing walk straight off the paper and run into the closet. Intense eyes and all. “What the heck!!”, I thought “did I see what I just saw”. I must be still asleep.


Now I am not a curious person and I was content with just crawling back into the bed and going back to sleep. I pulled the covers up to my neck and settled in for the rest of the night.


The closet door slammed closed.


My first thought was ok I know someone heard that loud noise. I waited for Brian or my Sisters voice to ask what happened. Of course their voice never came. Slowly the closet door creaked open. I heard “Don’t you want to come and play”, “No”, “Well to bad”. The door slammed. This thing was talking to itself. I know it wasn’t talking to me. Maybe I could make it to the bedroom door before the closet door opened again. Then I could go lay down on the couch and wait for my 8 am flight in peace. Only problem, just like in the movies, I had to pass the closet door in order to get to the room door. Why are all houses built this way?


It spoke again “Trying to hide aren’t we? You can run but you won’t get far!” Then a screeching laugh came from the closet. Now this drawing or creature was taunting me. I had to get out of here. Why hasn’t anyone else heard all this slamming and loud talking? I have to be dreaming. Before I could jump off the bed I heard a loud crack. Then the floor split open. The portion of the bedroom I was in suddenly split apart from the other half of the bedroom. I was trapped on the same side as the closet….I sure do hope I’m dreaming. The closet door flew open. The drawing began to grow and it grew until its head was touching the ceiling. It looked much bigger now than it did on the paper. The thing or drawing began to laugh it spoke “Hello, I don’t look so small from this angle now do I?” I started trembling and crying. I was glued to the bed. Is it reading my mind? I hadn’t spoken to it. How was it replying to my thoughts? I sure hope I’m dreaming.

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