Aniyah’s Drawing Pt. 2

For Aniyah pt. 2


I wasn’t dreaming. I knew it the moment I felt the cold hands upon my damp skin. I was wide awake. This was really happening. Why hadn’t I ran when I thought I had the chance. On the other hand considering this isn’t a dream it’s probably a good thing I hadn’t ran.


The ones who run never make it.


The drawing had reached down and wrapped its hands around me. They were cold. So cold they burnt my skin. It lifted me up, all the time laughing. The laughter made my ears ring. I felt warm liquid running down my legs as he squeezed me, drawing me closer to his wide grin. He opened his mouth and I could smell stale breath. I gagged. I screamed, hoping someone in the house would hear my cries for help. “Please, somebody, wake up!” The only sound was the sound of laughter as I was lifted closer into the grin of death. He opened his grin wider and I stared down his throat to see all the drawings that my niece had ever drawn. There was the elf girl, the cat, the tall girl. They were all there waiting for me. Waiting to devour me. Their realistic eyes and wicked smiles.


I heard footsteps in the distance.


Suddenly I was dropped back onto the bed. The bedroom door was opened and the lights were turned on. Aniyah stood at the door. “Aunt Tonia, I heard you screaming, are you ok?” I looked around and the room was back to normal. The bed was made and I was alive. I looked at Aniyah, tears running down my face, and said with a shaky voice “I have to use the bathroom”. Aniyah looked confused, “The bathroom is down the hall”.


“I know” I managed a smile, “but can you come with me.”


I got off the bed and heard the closet door click close. “I think I’m going to sleep on the couch” I whispered to Aniyah as she walked with me to the bathroom.

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