“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are”-Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

I have decided to go back  to my Paleo lifestyle.

If you aren’t familiar with the Paleo lifestyle, its a diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, with a little bit of meat.  To learn more check out this website https://ultimatepaleoguide.com/paleo101/

In August 2017, I attempted to go pescatarian.  Read about that here


and here


In February 2015 I went Paleo eliminating processed foods, peanuts, soy and dairy from my diet.  I stopped following the Paleo lifestyle and began adding foods back into my diet in Fall 2016.

Over the last year of eating whatever I want to, I have noticed that my body doesn’t appreciate me just feeding it anything.  I have had acne my entire life and when I started Paleo my skin cleared up drastically.  When I started adding certain foods back to my diet, my skin immediately broke out again.  Thank you bread.

My stomach is not at all happy with some of the foods I have added back to my diet either.  I have had acid reflux frequently in the last few months and difficulty having bowel movements.   I also feel more bloated and I started back gaining weight.  As much as I love certain foods I now know that some food just isn’t healthy for me.   I have cleaned out my pantry and Frigidaire of all of the junk.  I eliminated bread from my diet about a week ago (I can feel the difference already).  On my last grocery trip I only purchased fruits and vegetables.

I am not going back full Paleo though.  It is too strict for me, and I have found that some food doesn’t affect me at all, such as peanut butter and rice.  I also love grabbing a bowl of warm granola cereal for breakfast, and I love sushi.

I won’t be adding back bread and dairy.  I can’t find a bread that sits well with me.  I have tried different types, including the thin slices, wheat, rye, etc.  When I eat bread I always feel to full and my stomach is irritated.

I am calling this a lifestyle change, because I will pay close attention to the foods I consume and how they affect my lifestyle.  While Paleo I was able to reduce my run time from a 9 minute mile to an eight minute mile.  I had energy for days and craved the outdoors.   I haven’t been feeling energetic at all this last year and my run time is slowing down.

I am not sure if all of these changes are due to the foods I eat, but I do feel better when I eat better.

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