Looking forward to tomorrow-Short Story

She sat on the edge of the bed.  It was 6 am.  Her alarm would be going off in 30 minutes and she was trying to decide whether or not to crawl back under the covers, or to start preparing for the day.  She sat there contemplating.

Suddenly the soft music of the alarm began to fill the air.  She reached over to turn it off.

The cat stretched and meowed for his morning breakfast.  The day had officially started.

She went through the morning routine of feeding the cat, putting on a pot of coffee, and brushing her teeth.  She had showered the night before, so she began getting dressed for the day.  She didn’t know whether or not she would eat breakfast.  She was hungry, but couldn’t decide what she wanted to eat.  In the refrigerator she had eggs, bacon and milk.  She didn’t want any of that and decided to pick up something on her way into work.  She made her cup of coffee, grabbed her keys, and walked out of her apartment.

Today would be a better day.  She would check more items off her to do list and answer more emails.  She got into her car and drove to work.

When she pulled into her office parking lot, about 10 minutes later, she was amazed at how quickly she had gotten to work.  Then it dawned on her, she hadn’t stopped for breakfast.  She would just have to wait until lunch.  She was 30 minutes early to work, but she couldn’t decide what she wanted to eat.  Besides she didn’t want to risk being late.  She had never been late, but didn’t want to start any bad trends.

She walked into her office and turned on her work computer.  She began going through her normal routine of answering emails, answering the phone and checking items off her to do list.  She was really good at her job.  That’s what everyone told her.  She didn’t really know if she was or not.

When she finally looked up from working she noticed it was after lunch.  She had worked through lunch again.  She was hungry, but didn’t want anyone noticing her leaving for lunch so late.  She knew no one would say anything, but she didn’t want the office gossip to be about her this week.   She went to the vending machine and brought a pack of peanuts and a candy bar.  She went back to her desk and ate them.  She had completed most of her tasks and was running out of things to do for the day.  She thought about walking down to Susan’s desk to talk to her.  Susan had always been very friendly to her.  So, she considered Susan a friend.

She checked her watch.  It was just before 3 pm.  She got off at 4 pm.  She decided to walk down to Susan’s desk.  She started walking and could feel all eyes on her.  Why did she leave her desk?  Now everyone could see her.  They would all be judging her.  Why did she think it was ok to wear a black blouse?  She wore a black blouse last week.  Hopefully, they could all tell this was a different blouse.  She changed her mind and went back to her desk.  She would just begin on tomorrow’s work.  She couldn’t focus though.  What if people were wondering about her?  She realized today wouldn’t be a good day.  She would leave work once again full of anxiety and hating her job.  Why didn’t she just quit?  Then she could finally do something different.  Something she enjoyed.  She enjoyed her job though.  She didn’t love her job, but it was easy.

She looked at the clock.  It was 4:50 pm.  She logged off her computer.  She walked to her car and drove home.

She fed the cat. She was hungry.  She opened her fridge and cooked the eggs and bacon.

She ate dinner. She was tired.  She showered. It was 8 pm.  She laid in the bed.

Today was ok, but she knew tomorrow would be better.  She would cross more items off her to do list, and maybe even get ahead of schedule again.  Tomorrow would not just be a good day, tomorrow would be a great day.  She drifted off to sleep, looking forward to tomorrow.

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