Kathy and Amy-Short Story

She checked her phone again.  It had been more than two days since she had last heard from her Sister.  This was typical though.  Amy was known for disappearing for days at a time.  It had been her motto since they were in their early twenties.  Something about this time just didn’t seem right to Kathy though.  She kept getting the feeling that Amy was trying to get in touch with her.  She finally decided to dial her Sisters number.  After the second ring the voicemail picked up.  She hung up.  That was also typical.  If Amy didn’t want to talk to you, she wouldn’t.  Kathy brushed it off and went back to channel surfing.  She had had a long day in the office today.  She needed to catch up on her class work, but she didn’t feel like focusing on anything.  A text message came through on her phone.  It was from Amy.

“Hi Sis, can’t talk right now, I am good. Will call you tomorrow.”

Well, that wasn’t like Amy.  Amy hated to text.  Maybe this was Amy turning over a new leaf.  Amy knew how much Kathy hated talking on the phone.  Maybe this was her way of finally compromising.

The following morning while Kathy was preparing for work her phone rang.  It was Amy. She answered “Where have you been?”, Amy replied “Well, hello to you to Sis.  I started a job working nights and I am actually just leaving work now.”.

Whoa, who in the world was this on the other end of the phone.  This wasn’t the Amy that Kathy knew.  The Amy she knew refused to work and spent her days begging family members for money.

“You? Working? You can’t be serious? Where is this job of yours at?”

“It is at a Retirement home, I work night shift just making sure no one bothers the property while the residents sleep.”

“Are you serious? Is this a joke?”

“I am so serious. I spend all night reading and staring at a TV, and at the end of the week I collect a pay check.  I love my job!”

Yep, this was her Amy.  They talked for a few minutes, then they hung up.

Tomorrow Amy would quit her job, that was just the way she was.  The next day Kathy would loan her $500 to make rent.  This was love, this was them.  They were sisters.

Published by BrwnSknSwty

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