“Maybe stars weren’t mean to be caught.”-Brwnsknswty

So, which version of my life should I write about tonight.  

Oh, I know.  I never told you about the time I almost caught a star.  

This was about 20 years ago.  I was around the age of five or maybe a little older.  After school every afternoon, my older sisters and I would always walk home together instead of taking the bus.  This allowed us to talk about what had happened in school and goof around a little before heading home to do chores.  One particular fall afternoon, while we were headed home, I noticed on the side of the road a very shiny dancing object.  I stopped to see what the object was and quickly I was made aware of the several different shiny dancing objects that seemed to populate before my eyes.  I had never seen anything like it before.  It was as if the stars were falling right before my eyes.  I called to my Older Sisters, do you guys see this?  Of course, they had kept walking and by this time were a great distance ahead of me.  I had walked this route many times before, so I didn’t panic.  I simply reached out to grab one of the shiny objects.  The closer my hand got to it though, the farther away it seemed to move.  “What in the……?” This made absolutely no sense at all.  I thought to myself, “Maybe, I should just head home”,  of course I knew I couldn’t leave now.  I just had to grab one of those objects.  I mean no one would believe what I saw, unless I had proof right? 

I stepped even further off the road.  

—Now if you have ever driven a country road this description I am about to give you may make sense.  If you have never driven down a country road, well just use your imagination.  So this road that we walked down every afternoon was a red dirt road.  Like most red dirt roads the sides of this road were full of overgrown weeds.  In order to step off the road you had to step down into a ditch, which was full of weeds, and often times water.  

So, I stepped even further off the road into a puddle of water.  This small puddle of water came up to my ankles.  Regretfully, I had on my good school shoes.  Which meant that now I definitely had to grab one of these shining glowing star things.  I mean if not, how in the world was I going to explain to my Mom, why I ruined my good school shoes?  I exhaled with as much frustration my five year old lungs could hold.  Determined to grab a hold of one of these bright stars that were shining not even an arms length in front of me, I reached out yet again.  Of course, the stars just keep moving further and further away.  Well dang on! Now I have to step even further into the ditch.  I thought really carefully before taking my next step.  I am no fool, I grew up in the country and I was very aware of those slithering things that bite when its’ almost time for them to go blind.  So I looked around me and took a big step into the water.  I waited a moment and listened.  I didn’t hear anything so I let another breath and reached again for the fallen stars.  Of course, this story is about how I almost caught a star, so, we all now what happened then.  Let’s just say I missed.   This time of course, to make everything so much better, I landed in the water.  Not only would I have to explain the shoes, but now I would have to explain the new school outfit.  I didn’t even want to move.  As the fallen stars floated around me, shining so brilliantly,  I marveled at how they all seemed to cluster together, no longer caring if I ever grabbed one of those stars. I had become content with just laying there in that cool puddle of water and watch those stars dance above my head.  Maybe stars weren’t mean to be caught.  Besides, what was I going to do with it once I caught it.  Oh, well.  I would face my Mom like the true defeated champion I was.  I stood up and stepped out of that ditch.  Looked back at those stars one last time and marched home.  Home down that long dirt road in my wet clothes and wet shoes.  With the stars behind me and my Mom ahead of me.  I wish this story would have ended differently, maybe that I eventually ended up grabbing that star or I went back the next day and the stars were still there.  Of course, I didn’t and they weren’t.  They were gone and I never saw those stars on the side of that road again.  Matter of fact, by the time my Mom was done with me, I wouldn’t have ever cared to see another star. 

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