So I have had this blog for over three years now. I wrote my first blog on a whim and titled it “New to this”.  Here is the link to that first blog from 2015

My decision to post that first post was to get over the jitters that came with posting something that anyone could read.  Now over three years later, I am more intentional about what I post. I don’t write simply based off emotions anymore and my posts are more thought out.  I can read back over my posts now and immediately know where I was in my life, and see how life affected my writing.  I am grateful for those posts, but I do want to write posts that are not just relatable for me, but also more relatable for you. The reader.

Through writing more of what speaks to me I have noticed how my writing style has changed over the years.  I have a new found love for fiction and my goal is to share more of my fictional writing on this blog.  After writing my first fiction post (check it out here I realized how much fun allowing your imagination to take over while writing could be.  I have written other fiction writing since then and loved every word of it.  Check out this fiction post that I wrote recently.

I have found that my hands fly quicker over the keyboard when I am writing fiction, compared to when I am writing a non fictional piece. I also find that I am more pleased with my writing when I am writing fiction.  I will continue to try to incorporate a lesson into my fictional writing. I don’t feel as if anything is worth writing unless it is leaving the reader with something to think about. 

I am truly grateful for the individuals who encouraged me to start a blog.  Now I have all of my writing available for me to read back over and see how my writing is growing. 

I am looking forward to reading my future writings and hope you enjoy reading them as well. 

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