I have been doing a lot of reflection lately.  Reading back over posts and journal entries has helped me to center myself and remember why I fell in love with writing.  I enjoy being able to see how my writing has changed depending on the season of life I was in, but I am also feeling as if, I need to be less secluded or guarded with my writing.  

Taking that first step and posting my work so the world could see three years ago was scary.  Even though my first post didn’t have much substance to it,  it opened the door that would allow me to write through emotions that would come up over the next few years.  My writing style is changing.  Now I want to focus more on writing without sense.  Allowing the words to chase each other down on the page.  I want my writing to shock me when I read it. 

My mind is chasing so many ideas, that one of my my goals this year, is to catch one and squeeze it until the words flow from it, like wine from the grape.  I know that if I stop writing from a place of fear, that there is so much more that I will learn about myself.  My mind has always been an ocean, that I feared diving into. This year, I want to drown in those waters.

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  1. Trust in your words, we’re glad you took that leap of faith, and began your blog, jump in the deep end of the water, but stay afloat, we, your followers, look forward to always reading your work…

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    1. Thank you Stan ❤️❤️. The hardest thing in life to do is let go and allow your body to sink beneath the waves. Once we do though we are able to see how beautiful the ocean really is


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