She stared at him through the crowd.

He seemed so far away, it was as if there was a valley between them. There were so many people, so many distractions between him and her.

She thought about turning around and going home. She had waited for this moment to see him and talk to him for what seemed like ages. Now as she stared at the crowd of people in between them, she realized how foolish she had been to think she would be able to get close to him. She couldn’t see how she could make it through the crowd to get to him.

She turned to leave but something wouldn’t let her. She couldn’t go back to where she had been. She wasn’t happy there, and she knew that if she went back she may never have another chance to free herself of the bondage and chains that had once held her.

No, she had to get closer to him. She needed to be near him. She had heard about how just being in his presence was peace. She took one step towards him and the crowd seemed to melt away, with just one step she was able to reach out her fingers and brush against his coat. When she touched him, she realized he was much closer than he had initially seemed.

He looked at her and smiled and it was as if the entire world disappeared. It was just him and her. Nothing else mattered. She relished in his warmth, the peace that she felt just being in his presence.  She wanted that peace to last. She decided then, at that moment, that she would follow him to the ends of the earth. She only wanted to be in his presence from that day on. She wanted to sit at his feet and hear him speak. She wanted to learn from him to have him pour his wisdom into her. She wanted to do his will and to hear him say how proud of her he was. She wanted to love him and him alone.

She never wanted to feel that distance that she had felt before. She wanted that nearness to him always and forever.

Matt 9:20-22

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    1. Yes the desire to be closer to God is a beautiful feeling. Having that relationship with him to build with him and be with him is beautiful. I never want to lose that craving to be closer to him.


  1. I really enjoyed it. It was beautifully written. I see them both staring at and walking towards each other. That is why the crowd melts away and as they are suddenly closer than she initially thought. He smiles at her because they are each other’s peace, and he too wants that peace to last..


    1. Great point I can see how the closer we move to him the closer he moves to us. He wants to be nearer to us just like we want to be nearer to him. He wants us at peace and in his presence


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