Time with Mom

Taking an opportunity to pause and reflect on a recent trip that I took with my Mom.

In June, my mom and I were afforded the opportunity to travel to Orlando, FL, free of charge, for a weekend get a way.  We spent the weekend at the Omni Plaza which was amazing.

On day one of this vacation, my Mom and I were scheduled to fly into Orlando from separate locations, and land in Orlando about an hour apart from each other.  I landed first and I went to a nice sitting area outside of airport security to wait for her.  The waiting was treacherous, but once my Mom called to tell me she had landed safely, my mood picked up.  I told her my location and waited for her to find me.   It took her record time to make it off the plane and to find my location.  Then it was on to the rental car agency to pick up the rental car and head to the resort.  

Once we arrived at the resort I was awe struck. The Omni is gorgeous. Located on a golf resort, they had almost everything we could ask for.  What they didn’t have was only a short drive from the resort. 

Although the hotel had restaurants, we decided to go out on the town to eat for our first night. We ate dinner at the The Proper Pie Co.  A small English restaurant located in Davenport.  The staff was pleasant and the food was amazing. I had the steak and mushroom pie and my mom had a chicken and bacon pie. They were both so delicious. We finished off dinner with some black tea.  Then we went to Booms Ice-cream for some dessert. I don’t remember what I had for dessert, but I do remember loving it. 

The next day we went to visit relatives in a near by town. We ate dinner at their favorite Mexican restaurant and ended the evening just hanging out as a family. 

On the last day of our travels we rested before heading to the airport for a noon day flight. This was a short trip, but being able to just enjoy time with my Mom is always a treat and I’m truly grateful for being able to. 

Peace and Love 

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