Hello Everyone!!

Reading has always been a pastime that I have truly enjoyed, even at a young age, and I want to share this passion of mine with you. 

I am starting a BrwnSknSwty Online Book Club and I hope you can join me. 

This will be operated directly from my Facebook Group Page in the chats tab.

The BrwnSknSwty Online Book Club will began their first discussion in the chat, August 15 and the first book we will be discussing is Becoming by Mrs. Michelle Obama. You do not need to have read the entire book prior to Aug 15, we will just do a general discussion. There will not be a time to start the chat just jump in whenever you get a chance. 

After we finish Becoming, I will be happily accepting book recommendations for the next book we read together. 

The good thing about the book club being online is that the chat discussions will always be available in the chat tab, so even if you don’t read along with us, whenever you get the opportunity just jump into the conversation. 

Looking forward to reading with y’all 

✌🏾 ❤️

Published by BrwnSknSwty

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