I ran the other way

As fast as I could

I was sprinting

With my heart racing 

And my lungs burning

I needed to get away from him

He was too much truth

He knew more about me than I knew

How could I trust someone that knows me better than I know myself?

I had to get away from him

But every single time I looked around 

There he was arms out wide

Waiting for me

He didn’t seem as breathless as I was

He seemed patient

He was just there waiting

How could I trust someone that remained calm in a storm?

Didn’t he know what I was feeling?

My mind was raging 

I couldn’t see straight from the fog and tears 

I changed directions thinking maybe I could lose him

I speed up

Running faster in another direction

Yet there he was

Didn’t he know what I was running from?

Since he knew so much 

Couldn’t he tell that I needed rest?

I was so tired

I am so tired

My legs hurt

My sides are cramping

I am so tired of running from him

When he is the rest and peace I need

To lay beside him and hear his voice

How peaceful

My only fear now is that I am too tired to enjoy it

I have to catch my breath first

Please, please just hold me and let me catch my breath

Published by BrwnSknSwty

Mrs. Nettles/Published Author/🐱🐱🦜mom/☕️❤️/🪴❤️/Army Soldier/✝️/OES/♍️/ :::Life Quote:::Traveling through words on a road called life, reading the map backwards, and still finding my purpose :::Author of::: “Ten Years And Nothing” https://www.xlibris.com/en/bookstore/bookdetails/828845-ten-years-and-nothing :::Website::: www.brwnsknswty.com :::Follow Me::: Instagram and Twitter @brwnsknswty :::Join Me:::Facebook Group BrwnSknSwty :::LinkedIn::: https://www.linkedin.com/in/latonia-nettles-2918a5a0 :::Cashapp::: $LatoniaNettles

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    1. Completely agree Robert. I think we often get caught up in trying to complete the next task. Trying to stay ahead of our to do list. Just another distraction from us and our spiritual self. Once we stop and be still we can connect to our Spiritual Father and find the true peace that is there at all times


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