He got up from where he was sitting.   He had things to do today, he refused to sit around thinking and rehashing a conversation that hadn’t lead anywhere.  Shelia had never been one to listen, that was one of his issues with her, she was so bull headed.   Even when she knew that what he was saying was best, she always did the exact opposite. 

Terry walked to his window, and looked out.  He half expected to see her sitting in his driveway.  That’s how he often found her.  Sitting there just staring at his place.  Scared the shit out of him honestly. 

He wished he could help her, but he didn’t even know what she wanted.  He honestly didn’t think she knew what she wanted. 

He saw that it was raining softly.  He had a ton of things he needed to take care of today, but he also knew he needed time to process what had just happened between him and Shelia.  He decided then the rain was a perfect opportunity to just take a nap. 


Shelia placed her car and drive and hit the speed dial button on her steering wheel.  She knew it wasn’t a good idea to call him, but she just needed to know one thing, if he loved her.

She needed to hear him say it, she needed to hear anyone say it.  She listened as the phone rang three times.  On the third ring he answered “Hello”, she loved the sound of his voice, it immediately calmed her.  “Hi” she replied, “I need to talk, can I come over”.  “Sure”, he replied.  

“Ok, be there in ten minutes.” 

She drove her car in the opposite direction of the way she had come.  She knew this was probably a bad idea, but she couldn’t think clearly.  She hadn’t thought clearly in a long time.

Ten minutes later she pulled into the driveway.  Parked her car, got out and ran up to the door.  The rain had picked up slightly.  She knocked softly and waited. 

The door opened within mere seconds of her knocking.  He smiled at her “Hi Babe, come in out the rain”,  she walked in “Hi Sean, I’m glad you were home, I didn’t know where else to go.” She sat on his couch and allowed the tears to run freely down her face.  

“What’s wrong he asked? Have you been arguing with that asshole again?” He sat beside her and pulled her into his strong arms. She hadn’t meant to start crying again, lately she couldn’t explain her emotions.  She didn’t want to talk about Terry anymore, she needed to know where Sean and her stood, could they be more than just friends.  She needed to know. 

“Sean, this has nothing to do with Terry,  I just need to know what we are? Will we ever be more than just what we are now?”  

“Shelia, we have had this conversation on numerous occasions.  I don’t want to start anything serious with you when its clear that you still have feelings for Terry.” Damn, she thought all he ever talked about was Terry.  Why couldn’t he see that she was here with him?  He was who she wanted, what she and Terry had was done.  What did she have to do to show him this?

“I told you Terry and I are over with.  I am done with him.  We broke up months ago, and he’s made it very clear that he doesn’t want me back.  On top of that I am here with you.”

He stared at her. 

“Sean what do I need to do to show you that I want to be all in with you?”

“Shelia, I am not asking you to prove yourself to me.  I enjoy spending time with you, you are awesome.  Right now though, I think you need to focus on healing.  You have been through a lot with Terry.  I am here for you as a friend.  I hope one day we will be more.”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  First Terry, now Sean, two rejections in one day.  What was wrong with her that she couldn’t keep a man?

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