She pulled up in front of her apartment building.  She had spent the last few hours driving around in circles. 

She knew exactly what awaited her in her apartment. Nothing. No man, no children, no one. Just her five year old cat Meowie.  

Nothing against Meowie, but he couldn’t provide her with the male companionship she needed on a rainy day like today. 

She turned her car off and took a deep breath. 

The rain hadn’t slacked up any.  She saw dark clouds in the distance and knew that a thunder storm was rolling in. She grabbed her purse and keys, opened her car door and while closing it behind her made a dash for the awning in front of her apartment door, pressing her key fob as she ran to lock her car doors.  Thank God she lived on the bottom floor. 

Once she was out of the rain and standing on her front steps, she took a deep breath, unlocked and opened her front door.  As expected, she was met by Meowie her super fluffy and extra loyal cat.  As soon as she saw him, her eyes lit up.  How could she stay upset or sad when that big ol’ ball of fur was always so happy to see her?

Meowie was the one constant in her life.  He was a gift from her mother when she was in High School, and since she had received him, he was always there when she needed him.  From her first breakup to her moving into her own apartment.  He had seen it all.  Even when she screamed and yelled,  when she broke down into crying fits, and even when she threw dishes, she knew Meowie would never leave her.  No, Meowie was loyal and dependable not like the other men in her life. 

“Hi Meowie, did you miss me? Are you hungry?”  He purred while rubbing up against her damp pants leg. 

“Meow, meow”

“Oh Meowie, mama missed you too, let me tell you about the day I had.”  

This was what she needed most right now.  A listening ear.  She knew that Meowie wouldn’t respond to her, but just being able to vent to him helped her to gain clarity about the events of the day. 

“…and can you believe he had the nerve to say I was still stuck on Terry.  I mean how can I still be stuck on Terry when I was the one that left Terry.  So what I want answers, I mean what woman doesn’t.  And, why shouldn’t Terry be willing to give me those answers. I mean if anything Terry is still stuck on me…” She paused. 

In the middle of her rant she heard herself.  Who was she? Terry should be stuck on her.  What did she mean by that? What was she even talking about?

“Wow, Meowie am I really that stuck on Terry?”


She hadn’t considered that maybe Sean was right.  Maybe she did need to take sometime to figure out her feelings.  

She had been standing in her apartment kitchen for only God knows how long.  She hadn’t even taken off her wet clothes.  

“I can’t believe I have been standing her talking about some man for over an hour.  Damn Meowie what’s wrong with me?”


“Yea, you’re right.  I just need to take a deep breath, make some tea, and focus on me right now.  There is time tomorrow to figure out why I am still stuck on Terry.”

Meowie purred as she finally placed his bowl of cat food down on the floor. 

After filling up his water bowl, she walked into her bedroom, took off her clothes and laid across her bed. She felt the tears running down her face but instead of rushing to wipe them away she let herself cry.  While listening to the rain, and letting her mind be still she laid there and wept, and she felt more at peace than she had in years. 

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Traveling through words on a road called life, reading the map backwards, and still finding my purpose :-) <3 Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @brwnsknswty

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