He hadn’t wanted to call her, but he was worried about her.  It had been two months since he had last heard from her.  That was not typical of her.  She would always call or text him at least once every few days.  

On one hand he was happy he hadn’t heard from her, on the other hand he was really concerned.  She had seemed very emotional the last time he spoke with her, and he didn’t want to think the worse, but he was concerned that she may have hurt herself. 

The phone rang a third time and then the voicemail picked up.  

“Hi this is Shelia, leave a message.” Beep.

“Hi Shelia, this is Terry, again.  Look we haven’t talked in a while so I was just calling to check on you.  Feel free to shoot me a text or give me a call back. I’m worried about you.”

He hung up. He hoped she didn’t take him calling the wrong way.  He really was just concerned about her.  He had asked a few of their mutual friends about her, but they were all so non chalet in their reply to him.  One friend even went as far as telling him to get over her.  He was over her, why couldn’t everyone just see that he was concerned about her well being. 

He had tried to push the thought of her hurting herself out of his mind, but whenever he laid down to go to bed he lost sleep from worry. 

What if she had hurt herself, or what if someone had hurt her? I mean was it too much for her to reply to his messages.  Just to let him know she was ok. 

He couldn’t remember the last time they had gone this long without talking and it honestly didn’t feel right. How can you go from talking to someone daily to ignoring their calls and texts? 

He decided to drive by her house again today. The last few times her car hadn’t been home. If he could just see her to make sure she was ok he knew he would feel better. 

Maybe he should revisit calling her mom again. No, he didn’t want to worry her.  He would just want for him to call him back. 

He knew he sounded compulsive, but he really just needed to see her, or maybe even hear her voice. 


Shelia smiled. 

She hadn’t talked to her homegirl Lisa in over ta year and the lunch date that they had just enjoyed was coming to an end. She leaned in for another hug. “Gosh it was so good to see you. I hadn’t realized how long it had been since we had last talked.”

Lisa replied as she hugged her back “Girl yasss, don’t be a stranger and let me know if you can make it next week. I love you”

“I love you too, and I will let you know as soon as I check my work schedule.” Shelia had to get back to work. She was in the middle of a major project that could help set her up for her next promotion at work. The promotion was long overdue and she kicked herself for how engulfed with Terry she had been.  “Tell Larry and the kids I said hello. I gotta run back into the office. Call you later”

Shelia blew Lisa another kiss, and as she walked away she turned her attention to the presentation she would be given later on this week.  It always made her smile when she thought about the strides her life had taken in such a short period of time. 

Since the last time she had spoken with Terry, she had reconnected with a few close friends, been given the opportunity to present a major project, and she had even strengthened the bond between her and her Mom.  She could honestly say she was happy. 

She did miss Terry, a lot actually, but she knew that what they had was gone.  She felt her phone vibrating.  She pulled it out of her phone and noticed it was another call from Terry. 

Why couldn’t he get the hint?  She was happy now, finally focusing on her.  Why after all these years, did he know want to hear from her?  

He had been calling, texting, and even bugging their friends about her.  She declined his call once again, and promised herself that tonight she was going to finally block him. 

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