Don’t be fooled by the ways of the world, there is peace in the midst of the chaos.  The world says now, when peace says be still and wait.  

I have struggled with defining the word happy for many years. I often thought the Webster dictionary was enough to show me what happy meant. I was very slow in learning that how Webster defined happy “favored by luck or fortune” wasn’t a realistic way for me of defining the word.  In my perspective, the word happy has so much more to offer than simply good luck or good fortune.  Happiness is more than finding a four leaf clover, and much more than winning a few dollars on a scratch off ticket. 

To me happy is more than a fleeting emotion, its being at peace, having joy, being able to sit with yourself in silence and smile.  Happiness to me is knowing that everything will work out, even when you can see the thunder clouds in the distance.  Even when the rain is pouring like sheets around you, when the flood waters are rising, and even when you can’t see a way forward, you find peace right there at that moment knowing that you have done all you could and that now is where the miracles happen. 

Of course happiness, like most feelings or emotions, are described differently by everyone.  How do you describe happiness?

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  1. Very interesting. Happiness seems to be more of an expression of a feeling than a feeling. Like you stated, when someone’s is at peace they are happy. That can mean that they’re smiling, singing, or whatever. Happiness is an outburst of emotion from the soul!

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    1. Very well said. “Happiness is an outburst of emotion from the soul”. I truly believe that when our soul is at peace that we obtain happiness much easier. Whenever our soul is troubled it is harder for us to feel happy.


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