The simplistic love of nature 

Baffles the human heart

The way it loves so openly and without explanation

Our chaotic human minds are jealous 

How dare such a love be on display for the public eye?

The ocean caresses the sand in broad daylight

The sun kisses the tops of the trees without a thought

The desert longs for its thirst to be quenched by the dew

While we hide our faces behind meaningless emotions

Disregarding a thought of love

Not wanting to fall too deep into the mountains valleys

Fearing the rushing foams of the river

Blushing at the sunset

We despise such a love that requires no thought 

How dare I feel so deeply that I react only on instinct?

How dare we love so boldly without a thought ?

There most be thought, there must be reason

Who are the clouds to say to the sun “Now, warm me now”?

Who are the stars to the say to the moon “I’ve missed you”?

As the rain baths the leaves of the trees

The flower spreads its petals and welcomes the bees

The ocean runs toward the shore

The sun kisses the earth

Such a love.

Our chaotic mind longs for a love so deep

Published by BrwnSknSwty

Mrs. Nettles/Published Author/🐱🐱🦜mom/☕️❤️/🪴❤️/Army Soldier/✝️/OES/♍️/ :::Life Quote:::Traveling through words on a road called life, reading the map backwards, and still finding my purpose :::Author of::: “Ten Years And Nothing” :::Website::: :::Follow Me::: Instagram and Twitter @brwnsknswty :::Join Me:::Facebook Group BrwnSknSwty :::LinkedIn::: :::Cashapp::: $LatoniaNettles

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