Beautiful chaos

Running with the wild rivers With my face towards the sun Cherishing the future and remembering the past The present is merely a nonexistent moment  Deeper and deeper I climb into the vast foreverness  Breathing in each thought exhaling the memories Realizing how powerful and vulnerable How limitless and restricted How loved and forgotten Each […]

Ten Years and Nothing Part 5

She didn’t know what to do.  Her relationship with Terry was definitely over, and Sean didn’t want to be with her.   As she sat there on his couch, staring into his eyes she honestly didn’t know why she wanted to be with Sean. He was a very nice looking man, had his own place, […]

Ten Years and Nothing Part 4

He got up from where he was sitting.   He had things to do today, he refused to sit around thinking and rehashing a conversation that hadn’t lead anywhere.  Shelia had never been one to listen, that was one of his issues with her, she was so bull headed.   Even when she knew that […]

Ten Years and Nothing Pt. 3

He was confused.  Why did she keep popping back up if she wasn’t ready to talk about where they had went wrong?   It had been six months since they broke up, six months of her calling him at random hours, six months of her showing up at his place and at his job unannounced. […]

Freedom comes After the Storm

I was trapped in a world that I had created, and with a creation that I wasn’t happy with. For the longest time, I thought I wasn’t good enough to be more that what I was. That what ever life gave me I had to settle for, and if something better was out there, it […]