Thoughts of an Introverted Virgo

I’m lost in words…

My mind is constantly searching. Endlessly wondering through unspoken conversations. Every word guides me through a world of letters as they attempt to make a story. Pondering on the what ifs and the maybes of my last words spoken. Questioning the whys of sentences that have left my lips. I follow the words through an… Continue reading I’m lost in words…

Spiritual Writing

She knows why she was created

The earth is constantly changing.  She is always evolving becoming more and more of who she was created to be.  She does not let people’s opinion of her stop her from moving forward.  She just continues on.  Shedding the dead making way for the New always turning in a forward motion.  Love does not distract… Continue reading She knows why she was created

Spiritual Writing

“…from it flows the spring of life.”

have you spoken with your heart lately? the deepest and most intimate part of you have you checked with it to make sure it is ok? Often times we live each day, paying attention only to our mind and the thoughts that come from it. Focusing on the past and the future. When we check… Continue reading “…from it flows the spring of life.”

Spiritual Writing

A Word for 2019

As 2018 comes to an end, I take the time to reflect on what I have accomplished over the last three years.  An exercise that I adopted, that has helped me to remain focused and clear minded is the act of choosing a word to focus on throughout the upcoming year.  At the end of… Continue reading A Word for 2019