“Maybe stars weren’t mean to be caught.”-Brwnsknswty

So, which version of my life should I write about tonight.   Oh, I know.  I never told you about the time I almost caught a star.   This was about 20 years ago.  I was around the age of five or maybe a little older.  After school every afternoon, my older sisters and I […]

“She took a sip of her tea, picked up her pen and allowed herself to once again be carried away with the words.”-BrwnSknSwty

She tore the page of words out of her spiral notebook.  Tossing it onto the pile of trash along with the other discarded pages.  She became frustrated. She knew what she wanted to say, but the words never made sense once she wrote them down. Taking a deep breath, she began to write again.  It […]

Kathy and Amy-Short Story

She checked her phone again.  It had been more than two days since she had last heard from her Sister.  This was typical though.  Amy was known for disappearing for days at a time.  It had been her motto since they were in their early twenties.  Something about this time just didn’t seem right to […]

Looking forward to tomorrow-Short Story

She sat on the edge of the bed.  It was 6 am.  Her alarm would be going off in 30 minutes and she was trying to decide whether or not to crawl back under the covers, or to start preparing for the day.  She sat there contemplating. Suddenly the soft music of the alarm began […]