Kathy and Amy-Short Story

She checked her phone again.  It had been more than two days since she had last heard from her Sister.  This was typical though.  Amy was known for disappearing for days at a time.  It had been her motto since they were in their early twenties.  Something about this time just didn’t seem right to […]

Looking forward to tomorrow-Short Story

She sat on the edge of the bed.  It was 6 am.  Her alarm would be going off in 30 minutes and she was trying to decide whether or not to crawl back under the covers, or to start preparing for the day.  She sat there contemplating. Suddenly the soft music of the alarm began […]


Visions so deep that Websters’ words can not describe them Like horror flicks they play in my thoughts Chasing away my dreams like a mighty wind sweeping over the desert I blink The vision frightens me so that my eyes water Fear engulfs my tears before they trail down my skin Images of faces unknown […]