5 Lessons I Learned While House Hunting

I am buying a house.   I have been a dedicated renter all of my adult life. I love renting, the idea of calling someone else to fix something you broke is amazing.  Not having to maintain a yard, is truly bliss.  I rented my first apartment when I moved out of my Mothers house […]

It’s Fall!

My favorite season. Technically, it has been Fall for a few weeks (Sept 21). I live in Alabama so we experience warm weather into the Fall Season, but the air has been a little cooler lately, SO……. It is time to pull out the hot chocolate, warm sweaters, scarves, and marshmallows. BONFIRE TIME! I plan […]

Favorite TV Shows and Why?

So recently I have learned to appreciate a good television show. It helps me relax after a long day and allows me to not think about anything. Being an avid reader, I rarely watch television but when I find a good tv show I binge on it. A few tv shows that I have grown […]

I admire my cat

So have you ever had a friend that was so free spirited and calm that nothing bothered them. Squirrels could be crawling through the ceilings and raccoons could be clawing at your front door, and this friend would be like just chill, relax, is it time to eat? Well, that friend is my cat Ferrell. […]