Don’t Hold Your Breath

(Well, unless you are literally underwater that is.) I had mentioned before how I hadn't breathed in almost 17 years!! I had been holding my breath. I was afraid of making someone mad, afraid that they wouldn't want to be my friend and I would end up friendless. Afraid that I wasn't doing something right. [...]

5 ways to save money while traveling for Solo Travelers

I am a solo traveler. I have traveled alone, more than a few times, and one myth that I hope to debunk is how expensive traveling is. Now traveling can get expensive, but when you follow a few tricks you can save a ton of money. Especially when you travel alone. Most of my travel [...]

Just One

Turn the music down Let the silence invade the air Allowing our hearts to speak to each other Our minds become one. Let me hear your breath As it escapes from your lips It becomes the oxygen I breath. Awakening my mind to worlds unknown We travel through time and space as one Spiritually united [...]

Happy 35th Birthday to Me!

About 2 weeks ago I celebrated my 35th birthday.    I have to admit that when I think about it, 35 years is a short time to be alive.  Especially when I have so much more living to do, so many more lessons to learn, so many more words to write and so many more [...]

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