I am addicted to the sun set The slow purposeful trail that the sun follows  My eyes find it throughout the day Mesmerizing is the path of the light I am addicted to the Air I take a deep breathe filling my lungs and hold it My mind interferes forcing me to breathe out My [...]

Bottomless Oceans

I have been doing a lot of reflection lately.  Reading back over posts and journal entries has helped me to center myself and remember why I fell in love with writing.  I enjoy being able to see how my writing has changed depending on the season of life I was in, but I am also [...]

My Mother Plant

They cannot stop your growth.  Try as they may when it is time to grow or move to that next level,  you will.   Remember this...even if they trim your vines, when they move you from a location that you’re comfortable in, when you’ve been dehydrated, starved, burnt by the sun and left for nothing, [...]

The Simplicity of Living

Living is the simplest thing that you will ever do.  It only requires that you inhale and exhale, and even that is down automatically. Have you ever tried to stop breathing? It’s impossible, unless you illicit the help of another object.  Living is only complicated when we decide to follow our heart, or to follow [...]

Sun drops

I sink deeper into my thoughts.   Following the white rabbit down the rabbit hole and watching as he cleans up and prepares dinner for his family of six. As the sun kisses the stars and the moon becomes jealous of the relationship between the grass and the trees.  I want my love to blossom [...]

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