Sometimes you have to move

I moved in with my brother back in August and was very happy staying there with him. I felt safe and it was a home, not just a house. I could have lived with home forever and that’s me being honest. I was content. Unexpectedly, to no fault of his or mine, I had to […]

It’s Fall!

My favorite season. Technically, it has been Fall for a few weeks (Sept 21). I live in Alabama so we experience warm weather into the Fall Season, but the air has been a little cooler lately, SO……. It is time to pull out the hot chocolate, warm sweaters, scarves, and marshmallows. BONFIRE TIME! I plan […]

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me! Today I turned 33 years old. Oh my what an exciting journey this has been up to this point. I have learned so much and at the same time I feel like I have so much more to learn. So what have I learned… 1. That my gut instinct is not […]

Happy 1 year Anniversary

In my previous post about me being abstinence, I talked about how it wasn’t a conscious decision that I made. I honestly believe that sometimes God plants a decision in my heart to save me from myself. Remember that song by Mary J. Blige “Real Love”, well like Mary I thought love was something I […]

I admire my cat

So have you ever had a friend that was so free spirited and calm that nothing bothered them. Squirrels could be crawling through the ceilings and raccoons could be clawing at your front door, and this friend would be like just chill, relax, is it time to eat? Well, that friend is my cat Ferrell. […]