Beautiful chaos

Running with the wild rivers With my face towards the sun Cherishing the future and remembering the past The present is merely a nonexistent moment  Deeper and deeper I climb into the vast foreverness  Breathing in each thought exhaling the memories Realizing how powerful and vulnerable How limitless and restricted How loved and forgotten Each […]

Ten Years and Nothing Part 5

She didn’t know what to do.  Her relationship with Terry was definitely over, and Sean didn’t want to be with her.   As she sat there on his couch, staring into his eyes she honestly didn’t know why she wanted to be with Sean. He was a very nice looking man, had his own place, […]

Just One

Turn the music down Let the silence invade the air Allowing our hearts to speak to each other Our minds become one. Let me hear your breath As it escapes from your lips It becomes the oxygen I breath. Awakening my mind to worlds unknown We travel through time and space as one Spiritually united […]


The calmness that you bring Like a thief in the night. You’ve invaded my personal space. I welcome you I think of you even now You’ve climbed into my thoughts Learning all of my likes and dislikes. Breaking down every barrier I put up. Peace I remember you from a time before when the world […]