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The Martian

This is a mid book review. I have not finished this book.   What I’m reading: The Martian by Andy Weir Thoughts: I am about halfway done reading this book and so far I love it. It does have those points where it gets way too scientific for me to follow but Watney is the… Continue reading The Martian

Spiritual Writing

Happy 1 year Anniversary

In my previous post about me being abstinence, I talked about how it wasn't a conscious decision that I made. I honestly believe that sometimes God plants a decision in my heart to save me from myself. Remember that song by Mary J. Blige "Real Love", well like Mary I thought love was something I… Continue reading Happy 1 year Anniversary

Spiritual Writing


For the longest time, I thought I wasn't good enough to be more that what I was. I thought that what ever life gave me I had to settle for it. I thought that if something better was out there, it would find me and accept me with all of my baggage. That way of… Continue reading Freedom

Spiritual Writing

My plain failed

Let's just say that I had a plan, it was an awesome plan. Meet a nice guy, date him, marry him and be fruitful. This was all supposed to have been before my 25th birthday. As 33 fast approaches I keep going back over my plan and the steps I took. How did my plan… Continue reading My plain failed

Spiritual Writing

I can’t make this up

So I came home from work a few Mondays ago, and following my normal routine, I fed Ferrell and took my boots off. I sat on the couch and called my Mom. My Mom and I talked for a few minutes then I got off the phone and walked into the kitchen to take something… Continue reading I can’t make this up