I admire my cat

So have you ever had a friend that was so free spirited and calm that nothing bothered them. Squirrels could be crawling through the ceilings and raccoons could be clawing at your front door, and this friend would be like just chill, relax, is it time to eat? Well, that friend is my cat Ferrell. […]

Why I choose to give up meat.

So, what had happened was….it was a Monday morning, I think. One of my co-workers asked the dreaded question “What’s for lunch?”, the reply he received was “I’ll pass on lunch, I stopped eating meat.”. Come on, who willingly stops eating meat? The person who gave that response was definitely not me of course. I […]

Hi, my name is Tonia.

Hi, my name is Tonia. I am 32 years old, never married, no children, never pregnant, my best friend is my cat Ferrell, I work a full time job, I am single, abstinent, and a pescatarian. Now that the labels are out of the way. This blog is about how I finally started paying attention […]